The Artizans

Aloha nui, I AM MiraKael.

I am the creator & lead designer of MU Starz Jewelry Design based in Hawai’i & Bali.  I source all the inspirational spiritual art, sacred geometry, deities, energies, vibrations from the natural world and this special unique connection I have to the starry origins of MU into each unique, sovereign piece.


We are a team that consists of myself, Pak Made (my manager), a rotating group of amazing ladies who assist in promo, admin & event organization and six expert & amazing Balinese Design Elves (metalsworkers, carvers, platers, casters, wax molders, cutters and more) that diligently assist us to co-create the final magical MU Starz accessory pieces that come down our intimate production pipeline and onto your body.


There is an immense amount of love and time that goes into every piece that makes it special and“One of Kind”. 


My heart felt intention with MU Starz Designs is to co-create for you “Wearable Wisdom & Thriving Empowerment” to support your personal awakening to total self-love and greatly aid our collective avatar remembering of the Majestic Divine.


I feel the greatest designers/artizans were those self-realized Masters & Ancestors who chose to unlearn their ’cause & affect’ DNA programming and compassionately re-design the entire fabric of relative reality consciousness by awakening themselves from within and in each other.

MUS Design Team

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