MU Starz Exhange Ethos

MU Starz Designs (Sovereign Entity) is a slow growth, steady state, artistically embodied enterprise. We pride ourselves on thriving daily in a sustainable living practice that is not looking to accelerate & consume more than we can chew.  We design & co-create in MU-niverse Space which means we are not overly reliant on capitalistic driven business time practices.

We consciously adhere to providing immense quality & energetic alignment on all jewelry pieces from start until it reaches your beloved hands at the finish.  We are co-creating Magickal Timeless Altars for the Beloved Body, Heart & Soul here in Bali “the Land of the Gods”. Therefore, patience is the golden key and without this one key, the gateway to “MU Starz stewardship transfer” will not be open or available.  Please consider this, especially when inquiring about select “Collection” pieces and/or custom designs.

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