MU Starz Repair Service

To send in your MU Starz jewelry Item for service,
please email: and include the following information:

> Full name
> Email
> Contact number
> Shipping address
> Detailed description of the repair
> Receipt (if purchased within a year for warranty coverage)
> Style number (if available) or take a clear picture of the item so that we can identify the style number


Once you forward the above information, we will send you a packing slip and repair order number to track your repair. Please be sure to print out the packing slip and include it with your jewelry. If you purchased your jewelry less than a year ago, please include a copy of your receipt. We recommend insuring the package with FedEx, DHL or UPS and keeping the tracking number for your records. Please pack repair item(s) securely to prevent damage during transit. However, we do not return original packaging, so please do not send any repair item with packaging materials such as jewelry boxes or pouches that require to be returned.

Bali Customer Repair Shipping Address*: 

MU Starz
c/o Mikael B. King
PO Box 2026
Ubud, Bali, Gianyar
Indonesia,  80571


Attention: (Service Order #)


Our MUS Support team will contact you once your MU Starz item has been received and evaluated, which can take up to 2 weeks after your item is received by our repair center. If you require any assistance, our MUS Support team is always here to help you. Please email us at or call (062) 82144971315


Once we receive your package, your jewelry will be examined here at our Bali Studio where our skilled artisans will repair it to like-new condition.  

Repair & Resize FAQ

Can I resize my jewelry?

Rings can be easily resized +1 size and can be resized up to -2 not so easily.  We can shorten most bracelets and necklaces and lengthen pieces on case by case basis. The exceptions to resizing are: rings with no sizing bar, coil rings, coil bracelets, and all electroform gold, which cannot be resized.

What if I lost a piece and need a match made?

If you have a single earring or stone piece that requires a match made, please contact us to confirm we are able to create the match. Once confirmed, we will create the closest match possible. Please note that if your piece has been discontinued from the MU Starz collection, we may suggest a replacement piece of similar value from our current collections.

How long does the repair service take?

Repairs may take up to 6 to 10 weeks from the date our Bali Studio receives your item. You will be contacted by us once your MU Starz jewelry has been evaluated.

What is the repair process?

If there is a cost to repair your item, you will be notified for approval first, then contacted for payment. All warranty repairs will be automatically processed unless we have some additional suggestions that will require approval. Please refer to our warranty to determine what repairs are covered. Once your repair is completed, we will contact you with a tracking number. Please allow 3-5 business days before attempting to track your package. 

What if I decide not to proceed with the repair?

Should you decide not to proceed with a repair once we have received your piece, there will be a shipping and handling fee of $50.00-100.00 USD for returning your repair, depending on your shipping location.

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