Be Here, Now Earth 2017

To be fully present in this moment, is to be totally Available Now

Galactik Pocahontas Dreamcatcher Earrings


Pocahontas was the Regal Queen from Native American Lore. She was a mystical world-bridger and was intimately connected to assisting the Freedom of her people’s ways and being a Voice for them in the civilized world.  These “dreamcatcher” earrings are dedicated to weaving the celestial love, purposeful dreaming and self-empowerment. Like Lady Pocohontas, the first and last Indigenous nobility of her kind, its time to be the living light example of masterful love.


Amethyst x 4
Galactik Star Geo by Lotus
Silver w/Gold Vermeil
Dimensions: L X W – 4.5″ (10.8 cm) X 1.4″ (2.7 cm) (Galacktic Star)


**Please note: Each set of earrings will vary slightly in design from the provided photo as they are all unique one-of-a-kind pieces. If you have any hesitation on whether or not they are for you, please contact for more information.

Available on backorder

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