MU Starz Jewelry Design | About MU Starz
MU Starz are conscious, regal wayshowers of an ancient future lifestyle. When all human beings tracked their ancestral lineage back to the Starz.
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MUniverse Philosophy

What is MU?

Map of MU (Lemuria)

MU Starz are conscious, regal wayshowers of an ancient future lifestyle.
When all human beings sourced their ancestral lineage back to the Infinite Starz.


Before the word ‘TIME‘ as we know it began, there was only one mother aina (land) culture called ‘MU’.


A Golden Era ‘EDEN’ civilization whose land mass & isles spanned nearly the entire ‘Ring of Fire’ in the Pacific & Indian Oceans.  As MU awakens, her vast consciousness is rising through the various volcanoes, earthquakes and tectonic plate shifts around Planet Earth due to the incoming ‘Universal Magnetic Pole Shift’ that is being transmitted from our Golden Sun.


Through all these alchemical changes, MU has inspired us to co-create exquisite & organically designed ‘Magical Thriving Star Altars’ for the human ‘electro-magnetic’ body. For those who sincerely appreciate ‘One of Kind’ quality craftsmanship, hand-made in Bali, our designs speak for themselves.


All of our talizmans, necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants and one off accessories are infused with the regal heart presence of MU & adorned with unified prayers & empowering chants from beyond the MU-niverse.


From the beginning sketches, to how they feel, shimmer & glow on your body, the rainbow soul-star of MU is revealed inside of you and no two are exactly the same.


They are here to Activate & Awaken You into your fullest potential purpose.


Now, is the perfect moment to BE the empowered playful solution in this great time of individual & collective earth transformation.


This is the clarion call to be the MU Starz You were Born to Be and Shine Forth.


* Special Select MU Starz Designs are also enhanced with Star Spin and Golden Wave sacred-nology to unify, assist, support and protect users from harmful EMF, Environmental Pollutants, Chem-trails, Haarp Technology and other separation based frequencies.

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