Help Mikael Get His Wings Back!

On spring equinox on his way to Bali Spirit Festival, Mikael went to visit a friend who has a project to fix up an old villa. They were to have lunch and then head to the BSF but they never made it. The two of them went onto a balcony of this once stately property and it collapsed under them, dropping them down 20 meters into the jungle valley below.


Mikael had to lay there and breathe through the pain for two and a half hours before the local Balinese men who had come to help were able to construct a stretcher and figure out a way to get him out without hurting him more. He had broken his back…

MU Dreamtime Experience

Join Mikael King and Special Guests as he presents “MU Dreamtime Experience”.  An epic slideshow presentation of the cosmic multi-dimensional and inter-connected cultural history & herstory of MU.  In addition, participants are taken into a deep Harmonic SoundLight Dreamtime Journey thru the 7 kingdoms, from the root of the earth to the celestial music of the spheres.  It is a presentation and experiential journey you will not want to miss!

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